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The Universe. The God. Jesus. Buddha. Krishna. We understand that “there” is someone and we want to understand how “there” everything is arranged. And if “there” everything is adjusted, then there will be no life, but a fairy tale – many people think that way. Moreover, as they say, we are loved “there” and we are all children of the creator. It is foolish to believe that man is the crown of creation. We are not able to answer what will happen tomorrow. We will not remember the notorious oil and Annushka with the tram. (Writers, hey, where are the new examples? Do we have a long time to remember the poor Komsomol member?)

As quite rightly noted in a lecture on God (speaker Efimov)
Each level of consciousness does not know how the level is arranged above, the next, above it. One of the examples is the author's scale- asphalt, plant, goat, man. Asphalt, as a zero level, knows nothing at all. For the plant, the goat is God since it came up and ... ate. The goat does not know how a person works. The scale is very conditional. There are other examples. The fact that there is someone there is also spoken by all sorts of "signs with the above," new people, new circumstances. And we are constantly wondering what it was. Let's leave religion aside for the time being and look at everything from the point of view of science. It’s generally stupid to have such a division in the 21st century — science, religion. And when properly stated, one should not contradict the other and should constitute a general picture of the world of which we do not yet have. Science has reached metaphysics. Biocentrism is gaining more and more popularity. It is a pity that the church does not do anything in this direction, although it could with its institute and financial strength. Probably, this is all from the evil one and is a matter of faith for many are considered exhaustive.
Let us speak on some ways to make it clear to God what you want and to be heard.
Method one.
Christianity is absolutely right in its argument - Ask and it shall be given you. You asking? Ask for it. I have not stood in a tram for a long time, I go and “order” a place by the window for myself, and what is the most fun is that they always give it to me. Sometimes it's funny, you go to the tram. Lots of people. All seats are occupied and then a young man gets up and moves to the door. You go and take his place. (I am deeply convinced that this is God's help, the more I appeal to him). Ask for more and more, Ask for always. Yes, you tell me - A tram is a small thing. I agree. But our life is made up of little things. Remove all the nasty stuff. Will your life change? I think yes.
But I do not suggest you to pay attention to it. Little things perform faster. This is their charm. God is not a magician, but a higher intelligence that helps us with circumstances, and yet they still need to be created. Isn’t it? And it takes time. Give it to God, he will take care of you. Your only task is to ask what I urge you to do. Ask and see what is in your hands. Often a random offer that seems very doubtful turns out to be very profitable for you. Why is this happening - the brain can offer the right solution that is not always right (God knows better what suits us. Do not dismiss what comes into your hands. Think about why it is so).
One small detail. Try to ask to formulate in a monosyllabic and more specific way- - (Lord, I coming to a stop and a tram arrives).
Not that way- Lord, well, if you can let the tram come right away, and if not right away so that I shall wait for five minutes no more, otherwise I will be late for work, and there they will yell like that, well, you understand, yes?).
Do not distract higher consciousness with the unnecessary information. (ask and go to work, where do you want to go?).
The second small detail. Do not think about how it will be executed otherwise there will be nothing.
Second method
If you have a difficult task and you do not know how to solve it. Do the following. Lie down to sleep and say before bedtime - Lord, what should I do (again, we formulate the question in a syllable, remember that there are 7 billion people on earth and while you ask ... they also ask, and God is listening to all of it. Take care of him) and go to sleep. See what you dream.
One small detail. Say it without prayers and icons.
The second small detail. Lie down- so that no one else calls you.
You will get an answer in a dream. A bit in encrypted form, but you can figure it out. A friend thought for a long time whether she would meet with a young man. I tried the second method and she dreamed of his memorial at the monument to lovers. Did not meet. I listened. Then she received evidence in the dream that she did the right thing.
I will note this in order to understand how the consciousness is arranged. Look at your relationship with children. After all, creating children is creating a person, that is, they are like God, and the children you create is the same as 7 billion people for God.
Do your children listen to you often? I think no. The same with people. And when they tell me that God permits the creation of such organizations as the Paris Club, the Berdelbel Club, I always say that these are the work of man, those naughty children who will once bring out the creator and get that on the pope. Hope it soon will be.

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